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Sucharita Yoga

Yoga Instructor  瑜伽分享者

About Sucharita

Sucharita’s innate investigative nature has led her to study and practice in cultures from East to West. She was born and raised on the beautiful Plum Mountain, on the island of Taiwan. 

Through nature, she understands we are all the same. Through passion, she travels one place to the other. Through grace, she discovered yoga.  Through yoga, she understands that our divine nature has always been within us.


Sucharita’s travels over the world have enriched her practice. Meditating in the desert of Mexico, I heard the true voice of my heart. Solo silent practice at the beach of the Pacific Ocean, watching a flower grow in the rocks of a cliff, I shed my tears. I felt the powerful Prana “ chi” found in every being.  Chanting mantras with the monks at the Ganges River, India, I felt a deep connection with the divine universe.  Teaching yoga in the rain forest, Costa Rica, I witnessed the grace the beauty of the earth offers. 


Sucharita enjoys life by simply being. Life is unpredictable and 

the universe has a unique way with things. By living mindfully, we are conscious of the moment we are in, an awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, from moment to moment. Mindfulness is a conscious approach to the way we live our lives.  Let it go and live in the present moment.


Sucharita is dedicated to teaching with passion and love. She draws her studies from various Hatha yoga styles to create classes based on the needs and levels of the students present. She creates a safe and harmonious environment. Classes are heart centered, open minded and free the spirit. She encourages students to come to their edge to realize their fullest 

potential, while looking within and cultivating positive attitude for themselves both on and off the mat.


Sending my deepest respect and thanks to my parents, who show me love, and to be loved. Thank you to my dear husband-Michael and my  son- Alexander who help me to understand that deeper meaning in life. Thank  you to all my students, who always support me and be in my journey, my adventure. Thank you to my teachers, whose guidance has enabled me to grow in this path of yoga. These Ancient practices have offered me strength, balance, grounding, truth, center, openness, freedom, confident, and deeper connection to myself.


We have all learned lessons from life, the teachers we have encountered, and gained wisdom from our spiritual traditions. 

With the right motivation and sensitivity, we all can share our spiritual knowledge directly with friends and family.


Yoga is a daily practice, a life attitude, and a path to the truth. In each practice, we receive, observe, let go, and come closer to our inner peace and wisdom. Life is all about the journey, It is not about the destination.  The journey that we face to face ourselves. The journey of our adventure. When living mindfully, we embrace all paths that lead to peace and 



Inhale- feel bliss,

Exhale-let go

Inhale- feel alive

Exhale- be free


I thank you all that share this journey with me,

Om, May all beings have inner peace, happiness, and be free from suffering.




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Private Session


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To Sucharita, Michael and Alexander ~ Thank you for your wonderful guidance, acceptance, open  hearts and love. Your smiles and energy lit me up every time. You so openly shared your knowledge and experiences and in turn, never judged anyone. You are a wonderful family and humble gurus as you love so naturally. I’m grateful for this time spent with you. I’m so happy to have had you guide me on this most wonderful journey. I love you and Thank you.




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